Staying Home Sweet Home

Aging in Place Checklist

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The decision to stay in our current homes or “move on” to a different environment is one most folks in the “seasoned times” of life will ponder at some point.

Some of us hope to live independently as long as possible in the homes where we’ve lived for years. We’d like to stay in the spot where we’ve created memories and raised families.

Others would rather move on to somewhere else. Maybe to a home that’s easier to navigate, less physically demanding, more conveniently located, or perhaps less expensive to maintain.

For some folks, the decision may be taken out of our hands, because of aging challenges that make it difficult or impossible for us to continue living independently.

For those of us who want to remain where we are, there are steps we can take to help make a current home a place in which we can live safely and independently for as long as possible.

Some simple things can be done around most homes to create a comfortable and safe environment in which to grow older.

We hope you find our “Staying Home Sweet Home” Aging in Place Checklist helpful.