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Coloring Pages


Remember spending hours coloring as a child? Well, coloring is no longer just associated with childhood. Adult coloring is a growing trend. Think about it… coloring is an enjoyable, relaxing pastime. Many adults use creative hobbies like painting, knitting, embroidery, stained glass, and woodworking to relax and unwind. Why not coloring?

Plenty of research suggests that pastimes like coloring enhance emotional and physical health and foster a sense of well-being. Coloring quiets the mind while also stimulating the brain and engaging fine motor skills.

Bookstores now carry adult coloring books, and coloring pages for adults are available online. Pencils, pens, and markers come in a rainbow of colors that allow you to create intricate, beautiful images, and there are computer programs that can be used for coloring as well.


Just click on images below to enlarge images, print, or save coloring pages. Designed to print on standard paper from any computer printer.

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