Do You Use Outdated Words?

Some words stand the test of time and are used decade after decade by generation after generation. Others stick around for a while and then go out of style like the latest fashions. Those of us in our “seasoned” years have used countless words throughout our lives. A few of those we’ve hung on to may have become outdated over the years and lost their universal popularity. Here are a few outdated words you may remember that have been put out to pasture.


The word “pocketbook” was once the most common way to describe the bags women carry with them, but the word has since been replaced by “bag,” “purse,” and/or “handbag.”


The word “clicker” was what many of people called the gadget used to control a television from a distance. Not anymore. It is now called the “remote.”


The name of the company “Xerox” became interchangeable with the verb “copy,” but people no longer Xerox anything… instead, they simply “make copies.”


The word “dungarees” was the customary way to refer to those popular denim pants most of us enjoy earing. Today, they’re called “jeans.”


The word “tape” was used as a verb meaning “to record,” as in taping a favorite television show. Technological advances like, digital video recorders (DVR) and streaming services have put an end to taping


The word “shindig” was a popular way to describe a fun party attended by the trendiest people. Today, nobody would know what they were being invited to if the word shindig was used in an invitation.


The word “pad” described someone’s home or living quarters. But, a sentence “Let’s hang out at my pad” would not make sense today.


The word “bummer” was a catchall word for whenever things weren’t going very well. Today, the phrase “what a bummer” would get some odd looks from younger generations.


The word bread was commonly used when talking about cash or finances. Now “bread” has gone back to being the appetizing vessel for a sandwich.


The word “split” indicated the action of leaving, as in “split the scene.” Today, split is more often used to describe a gymnastic move.


The word “icebox” was used to described where people kept their cold foods before. Of course, that was before mechanical refrigeration units became commonplace. Now, the appliance is simply referred to as a “refrigerator” or “fridge.”

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