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The Seasoned Times Newsletter

Volume #1

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12 issues of the Seasoned Times Newsletter AND 12  Seasoned Times Puzzle Pages. All CUSTOMIZED FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION, with organization name, address, and contact information included. All materials delivered together so your organization can distribute them however and whenever you want!

12 issues customized for your organization

12 puzzle pages customized for your organization

  • Newsletter and puzzle pages customized exclusively for YOUR ORGANIZATION, including organization name, address, and contact information. (Puzzle page solutions are provided.)

  • Created by a multiple award-winning writer dedicated to promoting wise, healthy, and happy aging.

  • Content tailored specifically to the lives, interests, and needs of baby boomers and seniors with interesting articles, fun challenges, and favorite quotes.

  • Designed to print from any computer printer on standard paper AND to view easily on computers and most electronic devices.

  • NO LIMIT to number of copies and NO RESTRICTIONS on how or when materials are distributed. You can deliver materials by hand, mail, email, or via your website. Give them out weekly, monthly, or as handouts at events. Print 1, 10, 50, or 100 copies. It’s up to you!

  • NO TIME CONSTRAINTS. Content will not become irrelevant so materials can be used in the future as well as right now.

  • Everything delivered to you at once. All materials arrive at the same time via email on convenient pdf files. No waiting!

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