We’re Only As Old As We Feel

A Guide to Feeling More Positive About Aging

Nobody is expected to be blissfully happy about getting older or being older. It’s normal to feel highs and lows when it comes to aging. But most of us would prefer to spend as much time as possible feeling positive and optimistic as we age and about ourselves as older people.

When it comes to enjoying later life to the fullest, sometimes the biggest battles we face are within ourselves. Often, it’s our own thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes about aging that get in the way and stop us from enjoying all the positive things about getting older and being an older person.

The great news is we get to decide how we want to experience later life…how we want to view ourselves as older people…how we want to face our challenges… and how we want to present our older selves to the world. We control our own thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes about aging.

At Seasoned Times, we’ve put together 5 simple things we can all do to nourish a more positive and upbeat attitude about aging. We hope you find our aging guide helpful.