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In the age of the Internet, an almost unlimited amount of information is available at our fingertips. But challenging ourselves with games or puzzles that require us to use our own brains involves active thinking and stimulates memory. Keeping the brain active is not only fun, it has been proven to foster positive and healthy aging. Use the answer buttons below to find out if you have solved the puzzles! If you would like us to let you know when new games are posted on our website, send us an email at info@seasonedtimes.com with the word “update” in the subject line.


Word Sandwich

Fill each empty space with the one word that can form a word or phrase with both the word before the space and the word after it.

* Use arrows for answers.

Music Multiple Choice

The following questions are about anything and everything related to the world of music. Read each over carefully and pick the answer you think is correct.

The lyrics “By the time we got to Woodstock, we were half a million strong” were written by whom?

  1. Judy Collins

  2. David Crosby

  3. Joni Mitchell

  4. Janice Joplin

Joni Mitchell

Which of the following band leaders was known as “the King of Swing”?

  1. Tommy Dorsey

  2. Benny Goodman

  3. Guy Lombardo

  4. Glenn Miller

Benny Goodman

Which Saturday Night Live actor released a song called “Party All the Time” in 1985 that reached the # 2 spot on the Billboard chart?

  1. Garrett Morris

  2. Eddie Murphy

  3. Bill Murray

  4. Joe Piscopo

Eddie Murphy

Who had a big hit in 1961 with “Jump in the Line” (Shake Senora), which was later featured in the film “BeetleJuice” in 1988?

  1. Roy Orbison

  2. Harry Belafonte

  3. Neil Sedaka

  4. Ray Charles

Harry Belafonte

Which of the following musicals was based on Thornton Wilder’s “The Matchmaker?”

  1. Hello, Dolly!

  2. The Music Man

  3. Take Me Along

  4. The Unsinkable Molly Brown

Hello, Dolly!

Which of the following singer-songwriters wrote and first recorded the song “Blue Suede Shoes?”

  1. Carl Perkins

  2. Elvis Presley

  3. Bo Didley

  4. Roger Williams

Carl Perkins

Who wrote and recorded the 1969 one-hit-wonder “Spirit in the Sky?”

  1. Randy Newman

  2. Norman Greenbaum

  3. Janice Ian

  4. Gary Paxton

Norman Greenbaum

In which of the following cities was composer Ludwig van Beethoven born?

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark

  2. Bonn, Germany

  3. Vienna, Austria

  4. Frankfort, Germany

Bonn, Germany

Wacky Word Puzzles

Right between the eyes

Half hearted

Count the ways

Scrambled eggs

For instance

Forgive and forget

Riddle me this...

Your mother’s brother’s only brother-in-law calls you on the phone. Who is on the phone?

Your father

I was here since the world began… yet I am never more than one month old. What am I?

The moon

I can be long or short. I can be grown or bought. I can be painted or left bare. I can be round or square. What am I?


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