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True or False

We hear all kinds of interesting information and buzzing chatter, but how much is true? Test yourself with this fun true or false quiz all about chocolate.

* Use arrows for solutions.

TRUE. George Andrew Kanelos created “Andy’s Candies,” but the name was changed when it did not do well in the candy market.

TRUE. Milky Way bars are named after the malted milkshakes the bars were supposed to taste like.

TRUE. chocolate syrup was a little too thick to simulate blood so water was added to it.

FALSE. According to a popular theory, the first modern chocolate bar was created in England by Joseph Fry in 1847.

FALSE. Cacao refers to the plant. Cocoa is the chocolate powder made from the plant’s seeds.

FALSE. It takes a cacao tree about five years to produce its first fruit, known as a cacao pod.

TRUE. White chocolate isn’t considered chocolate because it doesn’t contain cacao.

TRUE. That’s why the movie has a different name than the book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

Movie Multiple Choice

You’ve probably watched loads of movies over the years. Let’s see if you remember these random facts about some popular films.

* Use arrows for solutions.

John Wayne’s final film role was in which of these movies?

The Green Berets

The Shootist

Rio Lobo

True Grit

The Shootist

What was the first original Disney song to win an Academy Award for Best Original Song?

Someday My Prince Will Come

Circle of Life

Beauty and the Beast

When You Wish Upon a Star

When You Wish Upon a Star

In which Quentin Tarantino film were most of the major characters named after colors?

Death Proof

Jackie Brown

Reservoir Dogs

Pulp Fiction

Reservoir Dogs

In what month were all six original Star Wars films released?






Blondie’s #1 smash hit “Call Me” was the theme song of which of the following films?

The Shining

An Officer and a Gentleman

American Gigolo

Sorry, Wrong Number

American Gigolo

What Best Picture Oscar winning film ends with the words “Hello…Hello, Clara?”


Forrest Gump


On the Waterfront


The American Film Institute ranked which of these movies as the “Greatest American Movie of All Time.”

The Godfather

The Wizard of Oz

Citizen Kane

Gone with the Wind

Citizen Kane

What 1988 movie about three young waitresses coming of age in a small town launched the career of Julia Roberts?

Steel Magnolias

Hair Spray

Notting Hill

Mystic Pizza

Mystic Pizza

Wacky Word Puzzles

Connecting flights

Reading between the lines


Unfinished symphony

Too little too late

Up for grabs

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