Were you able to come up with all the garden tools?


1: Tool with rotating blades that churn soil – TILLER

5: Tool used to create shape and remove excess – TRIMMER

7: Long-handled gardening tool with thin metal blade used for tilling and raking – HOE

9: Notched screwdriver that penetrates deep into the soil to remove unwanted plants at their roots – WEEDER

11: Flexible pipe made of rubber or plastic that transfers water – HOSE

13: Tool used to trim grass and weeds to define borders – EDGER

14: Shovel-like tool with handle and flat, narrow blade for digging and planting – SPADE

15: Device that scatters drops of water over an area of ground – SPRINKLER


2: Long-handled tool used for clearing leaves, grass clippings and debris – RAKE

3: Building for plants that’s made of glass or another transparent material – GREENHOUSE

4: Tool with shovel-like blade used for spreading and dressing mortar in brickwork and walkways – TROWEL

6: Pronged tool used to break up dirt, spread compost and fertilizer, and remove weed roots – FORK

8: Long-handled digging tool with blade large enough to apply foot pressure if needed. – SHOVEL

9: _______ can – WATERING

10: Hand-held, scissor-like clippers – SHEARS

12: Small objects that produce plants when placed in soil – SEEDS

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