Were you able to come up with all the words associated with hobbies?


2: To move rhythmically to music – DANCE

6: To weave yarn together by hand using long, thin tools – KNIT

7: To move in a gliding fashion on a smooth surface – SKATE

9: The act of making objects from natural wood – WOODWORKING

10: The act of observing fowl in their natural habitat – BIRDWATCH

11: A personal log of thoughts published on the Internet – BLOG



1: A large bag used to carry things on your back – BACKPACK

3: To prepare food using heat – COOK

4: To walk a long distance for pleasure or exercise usually in a natural setting – HIKE

5: A plot of land used for growing flowers, fruit, or vegetables – GARDEN

7: The act of setting out to make retail purchases – SHOP

8: To swim while breathing through apparatus extended above the water’s surface – SNORKEL

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