5 Unsung Talents of Tea

Having a cup of tea in the morning is a daily ritual for lots of folks. Although coffee drinkers don’t necessarily see the appeal, there’s a lot to love about tea. Tea comes in so many different flavors that there’s always a new one to try. Many people find the warmth and taste of tea calming and comforting. But, even steadfast tea drinkers may not know all the uses for tea beyond drinking it. Tea can do a heck of a lot more than just flavor hot water. Here are some unusual uses for tea.

A few unusual uses…

  • Soothe tired eyes. When eyes get tired, achy, or puffy, saturated tea bags can offer relief. Placing warm or cold (never hot) wet teabags on closed eyes for a few minutes can relieve discomfort and even reduce puffiness.

  • Clean and polish natural wood furniture. Tea’s light brown color and soothing qualities can help restore wood’s original luster and shine. Just dip a soft cloth in cooled tea, wring out the excess, and wipe on wood. It’s always a good idea to spot test furniture first in a place that’s not noticeable.

  • Eliminate garbage pail odors. Dry out a few used tea bags. Place them in the bottom of a garbage pail and voila… unpleasant, unwelcome smells will be neutralized.

  • Help gums recover. Many dentists recommend using black tea bags following tooth extractions to help gums heal. Tea helps reduce swelling and bleeding.

  • Relieve sunburn pain. The stinging pain of sunburn will feel a lot better with a few cold tea bags placed on the area. The bags should be refrigerated until they are thoroughly chilled. Cold brewed tea can also be used.

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