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Seasoned Times is all about celebrating the “seasoned times” of life and encouraging wise, healthy, and happy aging. We believe it is important to make the most of life at every age. Our website, Facebook page, and Membership Club were created by an award-winning health writer dedicated to helping strengthen the belief that the “seasoned times” of life are to be welcomed, valued, respected, and enjoyed. All our articles and materials are unique to Seasoned Times and carefully crafted with the needs and interests of our visitors in mind.

Seasoned Times is constantly evolving and growing. And so is our Seasoned Times family of visitors, supporters, and friends. We are pleased and appreciative our audience continues to grow and that groups and organizations across the country are using our materials and sharing our content. We are dedicated to making sure Seasoned Times continues to be interesting, helpful, and fun.

Welcome to the Seasoned Time family! Remember… age adds flavor. WE ARE NOT OLD, WE ARE SEASONED!

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