Aluminum Foil Can Do What???

You won't believe it 'til you try it!

Aluminum foil… tin foil… whatever you may call it, there’s probably a roll of the shiny stuff somewhere in your kitchen. Aluminum foil has been around for generations, perhaps even centuries. The first mass-produced, widely-used foil was made from tin. It was used primarily for industrial purposes, like lining cigarette and chewing gum packages. Because the original “tin” foil sometimes left a metal-like taste on food, it was replaced by aluminum, which became the foil we use in our homes today.

Traditionally, aluminum foil is used to cook with and store leftovers. It can also be used to line the bottom of the oven to catch anything that might bubble over. There are lots of other reasons to pull out a sheet of aluminum foil. Here are a few clever uses for aluminum foil that may be new to you.

A few unusual uses for aluminum foil…

Replace dryer sheets

A crinkled up ball of aluminum foil thrown in the dryer with your clothes can reduce static just as well as fabric softener or dryer sheets. The only thing missing is the fragrance that’s added to the standard products. Aluminum foil lasts a lot longer too. The same ball of foil can be used for months.

Make a funnel

How many times have you tried unsuccessfully to pour something into a smallish hole without the aid of a funnel? Never again. Just take a sheet of aluminum foil, curl it into a cone-like shape, tape it together, and you’ll be ready to pour easily without spillage. You can even bend the end of your aluminum foil funnel if you need to reach difficult spots.

Fix a loose battery connection

When a battery-operated appliance won’t work, we often assume it must be because the battery needs to be replaced. Not so fast! The battery may be fine. Instead, it could be simply that the spring holding the battery in place has become loose and is no longer connecting with the battery. Fold a small piece of aluminum foil until it’s the right size to fit snugly between the spring and the battery. That might resolve the problem with no new battery required!

Keep pets off furniture

Even in homes where pets are allowed on furniture, there may be one or two special pieces that are off limits. If you want to keep pets off you’re a favorite piece of furniture, just spread a sheet of aluminum foil over it. Pets tend to shy away from the sound of crinkling foil and its uncomfortable feel.

Polish and protect silverware

Aluminum foil can make polishing tarnished silver a snap. Line a pan with aluminum foil, fill with water, and add two teaspoons of salt. Place your silverware in the solution and let sit for two or three minutes. Remove, rinse, and dry. Your silver will be shining! Then, to keep that shine, store your silverware on a sheet of aluminum foil.

Soften hardened brown sugar

Brown sugar that’s been stored for a while tends to solidify. When you need brown sugar for a recipe, it can be very aggravating to find it has turned hard as a rock. To loosen up the granules, wrap chunks of the hardened brown sugar in aluminum foil and place in a 300° oven for about five minutes. The brown sugar should soften up and be ready to use in your recipe.

Keep insects out of your garden

If you have a vegetable garden, you know how many hungry insects are just waiting to attack it. Mix strips of aluminum foil in with your garden mulch and you won’t see as many bugs dining in your garden.

Clean your outdoor grill

A barbequed meal is delicious, but it can also leave behind quite a mess on the grill. How many times have you opened your grill to use it and found the remnants of your last meal still stuck to the grate? Those unsavory leftovers will clean up easily with a bit of scrubbing with some crumpled up aluminum foil.

Make a party platter

Every party needs some platters. But, sometimes, parties require more platters than you may have in your cupboard. Make convenient disposable platters by covering pieces of cardboard with aluminum foil. If you need especially sturdy platters, just use heavy-duty aluminum foil.

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