Considerate Flying Tips

When flying, it takes a village to make the experience as positive as possible for everyone. Stepping on to a plane, you know it will mean spending a certain amount of time packed into a relatively confined space and sharing that space with a disproportionate number of people. Long gone are the airplanes of the “good old days” with plenty of leg and arm space. Today, it’s important than ever for plane passengers to be patient, respectful, and courteous to one another.

Here are a few things we can all do to be considerate flyers.

  • Be prepared for the airport security process. Know the different between what you are allowed to carry on a plane with you and what should be packed in a checked bag. Be prepared before you get to the security area so you’ll be able to quickly put items on the conveyor belt and won’t hold up the line. Collect your items quickly once they come out the other side of the scanner and move away from the immediate area to organize your possessions.

  • Fly fresh. It’s common sense, but should be mentioned. Practicing good hygiene is a must when flying. That means doing everything possible to make sure we are clean and odor free, which includes showering, putting on deodorant, and brushing our teeth before heading to the airport. For those of us with feet that tend to have an odor at times, wearing moisture odor-absorbing socks and/or foot powder or spray is a must.

  • Don’t overdo fragrances. Cologne, perfume, and aftershave may smell great in small doses, but they can become overpowering in larger amounts. The strong aroma of a perfume, cologne, or aftershave can be more bothersome than a natural body odor. Plus, there are people who are allergic to fragrances and could become sick if seated next to someone who is bathed in one.

  • Think before reclining. Airplane seats these days are not designed with much passenger comfort in mind. They are small and leg room is nonexistent. It’s nice to recline our seats for some added comfort. However, when we recline our seats, it can affect the comfort or convenience of the person seated behind us. It’s good practice to check in with that person before reclining so the individual is not surprised and can prepare accordingly.

  • Be realistic about overhead bin space. Most airplane passengers have something to store in the overhead bins. Those of us with larger items that take up a whole lot of space should consider checking them instead of trying to squeeze the items into an overhead bin.

  • Do not monopolize armrests. The general non-spoken rule is that passengers seated in middle seats get to use two armrests since they do not have a window or wall to lean on or an aisle to stretch out in. Of course, there may be times when folks seated in a window or aisle seat need to use one of the middle armrests. Having a considerate, relaxed attitude is best when dealing with armrests.

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