Space Crossword Solution


2: Natural object that moves around a bigger natural object – MOON

4: Curved path something travels along as it goes around another object – ORBIT

5: Universe as a whole – COSMOS

8: Tool that makes far away objects look closer – TELESCOPE

11: Object that lets off radio waves or other electromagnetic radiation – PULSAR

14: Man-made orbiter – SATELLITE


1: Force that pulls what everything is made of together – GRAVITY

3: Space agency – NASA

6: Bright explosion of a star – SUPERNOVA

7: Small or large rocks floating in space – ASTEROID

9: When a celestial object blocks the light of another celestial object – ECLIPSE

10: Large hole – CRATER

12: Icy rock flying through space letting off dust and gas – COMET

13: Large group of stars held together by gravity – GALAXY

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