Don’t Trash that Egg Carton

Egg cartons have constructive uses far beyond just keeping your eggs protected. Because the materials they’re made of happen to be lightweight but also sturdy, egg cartons are handy for many purposes. Here are just a few of the innovative ways to repurpose your empty egg cartons.

Uses for old egg cartons…

  • Planting seedlings. Fill each egg cup with soil, add a seed or two, water as needed, and sit back to watch your seedlings sprout. When the seedlings are ready to transport to your garden, remove the soil along with each seedling, and plant them all in your garden. If using an egg carton made of cardboard or another biodegradable material, you can actually plant your seedlings in the egg carton cups.

  • Storing and organizing small items. Some items we use every day are quite small and can be hard to organize and/or sort. Egg carton cups are the ideal size to hold things that can be difficult to handle and easy to misplace, including office supplies like paper clips and tacks… building materials like nuts and bolts… sewing staples like pins and needles… and jewelry like rings and earrings. They also work well for separating and sorting loose change.

  • Protecting fragile objects. If an egg carton cup can keep a delicate egg from cracking, it can also protect delicate keepsakes you decide to pack away, including breakable knickknacks, ornaments, and heirlooms. If the items are small enough, the egg carton can be closed to contain them. Items too large to fit inside a closed egg carton can be placed in the cups of the bottom portion of the carton and carefully stored uncovered.

  • Feeding birds. Just remove the top of the egg carton and you have a convenient way to serve up some snacks for your backyard feathered friends. Fill the egg cups in the bottom of the cartoon with birdseed and then hang the entire thing from a tree. You can try setting the carton down on the railing of your deck, stairs, or patio, but there‘s always the chance you will also attract the attention of ants and assorted insects.

  • Insulating packages. Instead of buying packing materials to place inside boxes for shipping, moving, or storage, use old egg cartons instead. Just line the bottom and tops of boxes with egg cartons. You can also cut up egg cartons to use like shipping peanuts to fill in empty spaces.  A whole dozen eggs stays protected inside an egg carton during transit and egg cartons can do the very same thing for boxes filled with less fragile items.

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