Features of the Heart

People around the world associate the heart with romantic love. In reality, the heart is one of the hardest working muscles in the body. You’re probably already aware that the main function of your heart is to make sure oxygen and nutrient-filled blood continues to circulate throughout your body. To keep blood circulating, the various parts of the heart must work together perfectly, with each part doing its specific job.

Beyond the fact that our hearts keep us alive, there are some other interesting details worth knowing. Here are just a few.

A few interesting things about the human heart…

  • When you listen to your heart beating, you’re actually listening to the valves in your heart opening and closing.

  • The earliest evidence of heart disease was found in an Egyptian mummy thousands of years old.

  • Statistically, more heart attacks happen on Mondays than any other day of the week. And, when it comes to months of the year, December sees the highest number of heart attacks while July sees the least.

  • Whales have the largest hearts of any mammal while a type of wasp called the Mymaridae (more commonly known as the fairy fly or fairy wasp) has the smallest heart of any living creature.

  • Cancer is very rarely found in the heart and most cancers discovered in the heart originated in another area of the body. That’s because cancer targets body cells that are dividing and reproducing. Heart cells rarely have to replicate themselves, unlike other parts of the body where cells are constantly doing so such as the skin, breast, and colon.

  • The size of someone’s heart depends on the person’s full body size as well as the condition of his or her heart. Usually, your heart is about the size of your fist.

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