Fun Facts About Colors

Most people have a favorite color. With all the colors existing in the world, who knows what makes a person favor one over another. It might be the color is associated with a pleasant memory. It could be the color represents a favorite sports team. It may be a color that’s flattering to wear. The potential reasons people choose a favorite color are endless. There are lots of other interesting things to ponder about colors. Here are some fun facts we found.

  • The most common color for highlighters is yellow, because it does not show up on a photocopy.

  • The most popular color in the world is… blue. Followed by red and green and then orange, brown, and purple.

  • The colors red and yellow stimulate the appetite and are especially appetizing when together. The combination is often used when marketing food. Think McDonalds.

  • Mosquitos are attracted to dark colors. So, if you’re headed outside during mosquito season, wear something light colored.

  • Bulls are not attracted to the color red, contrary to what a bullfighter’s cape would suggest. Bulls are actually color blind.

  • Various studies have shown that red is the first color out of the full color spectrum that babies are able to distinguish.

  • White cars are safest according to a Monash University Accident Research Centre study looking at the association between car color and car accidents. On the other hand, researchers determined there’s a 12 percent higher risk of being involved in a crash in a black vehicle.

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