Helpful Uses for Your Camera Phone

Before camera phones, we couldn’t get a photo of something unexpected unless we just happened to have a camera on hand. Now, we can just grab our phones and shoot. But camera phones are helpful in lots of other ways you may not have thought of yet.

Your camera can help you find your keys, remember items you forget to put on your shopping list, and even locate the spot you parked your car. Just remember to protect any photos you don’t want other people to see. Remember, technology isn’t always as secure as we would like it to be. There are special apps you can download for your phone that provide protection specifically for photos.

Here are a few uses for your camera phone that go beyond taking a keepsake photo.

Try out these suggestions…


The next time you go to the market for your weekly grocery shopping, grab your phone and take a photo of the contents of your refrigerator, pantry, and/or cabinets before you leave home. That way, if you see a few items you think you may need while at the store, you can look in your fridge, pantry, or cabinets to see if you already have the items.


Most people tire fairly quickly of trying on and retrying on outfits in a store dressing room. Take a photo once you have an outfit on and then you can compare it to the next outfit without having to put the first outfit back on again. If you are trying on numerous outfits, take a photo of each, and then compare all the outfits at once by looking at the photos on your phone.


Most people have misplaced their car in a crowded parking garage or along an unfamiliar street. If you park in a parking garage, snap a photo of your parking spot as well as signs denoting the floor and section of the garage where you parked. If you park along a street, take a snapshot of a nearby landmark and the closest street sign.


How many times have you been in an unfamiliar area and pass by a place of interest or perhaps a store you would like to return to at some point later in the day? It can be difficult to find the spot again. But, if you take a couple photos in the area and/or of the route you take away from the spot, it will be much easier to find and return to the spot.


Misplacing your car or house keys is frustrating. It’s so easy to nonchalantly drop your keys in some convenient spot after walking in the door. Unfortunately, it can be just as easy to forget the spot where you left them. If you make a habit of taking a quick photo of where you put your keys whenever you put them down, you may never lose them again. Of course, making a habit of always storing your keys in the same location may work even better!

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