Kitchen Time Crossword


1 – Substance used with water for washing – SOAP

3 – Different word for oven – STOVE

6 – Piece of furniture with a flat top where people eat – TABLE

7 – Long-handled utensil with a wide blade used when lifting or flipping food – SPATULA

10 – Utensil for whipping eggs, cream, and other liquids by hand – WHISK

11 – A machine for cleaning plates, glassware, silverware, cookware, etc. – DISHWASHER

13 – Pot with a lid, spout, and handle typically used for boiling water – KETTLE

14 – Appliance that takes the fluid out of fruits and vegetables – JUICER

15 – Utensil used to turn a potato into a soft pulp – MASHER


2 – Made of thick, often quilted, fabric and used for taking hot items from the oven – POTHOLDER

3 – Common name for eating and serving utensils that may or may not denote their color or material – SILVERWARE

4 – Large, long-handled spoon for serving soup or stew – LADLE

5 – Machine that brews coffee and was around long before the coffeemaker – PERCOLATOR

7 – A frying pan – SKILLET

8 – Device set for a number of minutes to let a cook know when food is done – TIMER

9 – Seats that usually have four legs and a back – CHAIRS

12 – Pad placed under an individual setting at a dining table – PLACEMAT

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