Laugh... It's Good for You

There’s some truth behind the statement “a laugh a day keeps the doctor away.” At least, so say quite a few humor and laughter studies. Doctors and other researchers have found evidence that laughter can be helpful with pain management, stress reduction, health, and healing. Laughter has even been linked to blood vessel and heart function.

Exactly how laughter contributes to good health isn’t entirely understood. There’s more research to be done, but almost everyone agrees… laughing certainly can’t hurt and it just may help. In fact, there are no known negative side effects to a good, hearty laugh. And, the best news of all is that laughing is something we can all do for ourselves and share with others.

A few ways to keep laughter in your daily life…

  • Adopt a playful, youthful attitude about life.

  • Imagine you are a character in your favorite sitcom and picture how comical your life might seem then.

  • Look at funny photos of yourself or your family and friends.

  • When you’re feeling tense or down, try putting on a smile or making a funny face. Scientists have found that smiling releases chemicals in the brain that trigger feelings of joy.

  • Make yourself laugh. Watch a DVD of your favorite sitcom or search for “funny videos” on YouTube.

  • Don’t take yourself too seriously. Find humor in your faults and mistakes.

  • Surround yourself with funny people. We can be heavily influenced by the people in our lives. Being around someone with a fun and silly attitude about life can rub off on us.

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