Let the Light Shine...

If there’s one thing we all need plenty of… it’s light. Especially as we age. The older we get, the more light we need to see things clearly. Our eyes go through common changes as we age that cause us to need more light than we did in our earlier days. What might have been plenty of light when we were younger is no longer enough today.

For your safety, comfort and peace of mind, make sure your home environment is well lit. Here are some ideas that may help you let more light into your environment.

A few helpful suggestions…

  • Let natural light in. Make the most of natural light during daytime hours. Open your curtains and pull up your shades.

  • Make things simple. Try to choose lamps and light fixtures that are easy to turn on and off.
  • Control light. Use adjustable lamps that allow you to direct light where you need it most.

  • Light your path. Install automatic lighting systems or use nightlights in the areas of your home that you use frequently such as hallways and bathrooms. Ensure your safety if you tend to get up and move around late at night.

  • Keep all stairways well lit. The chance of falling on the stairs… as well as the severity of injuries with a fall… increases substantially the older we get. It’s best to have a light switch situated at the top and bottom of stairways for convenient access.

  • Reduce glare. Older eyes are more sensitive to glare. To avoid glare, avoid direct eye contact with especially bright light. To keep your home free of glare, cover all light bulbs well, use matte paint on your walls, and try not to have many shiny surfaces around that might cause glare.

  • Light up the night. Be sure all outdoor entrances, walkways and stairs are well lit.

Age Adds Flavor

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