“Mirror, Mirror” as We Age

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? How we each see our own reflection is a subjective thing, especially as we get older.

Some people beyond a certain age gaze in the mirror and are totally at peace with the looks of the person staring back at them. Often, they still see their younger selves peeking out from behind all the changes. Others, however, can’t get past the effects of time and age, concentrating on the wrinkles, sagging areas, blotchy skin, dark spots, and hair growing in places it shouldn’t.

Approaching our mirror images in a kind, accepting way can make growing older feel more natural and a whole lot more agreeable. Looking at our reflections with positivity can help us maintain and boost our self-esteem, self-belief, self-love, and self-confidence.

Those of us lucky enough to be able to experience our “seasoned” years will all experience the physical transformations that come along with older age. It’s the path of life. Why not look for the beauty in those changes. Next time you look at yourself in a mirror, you may want to keep the following suggestions in mind.

A few helpful suggestions…

  • Stop the critical analysis! Loosen up the lens and relax the focus. It’s impossible to appreciate the positives or find acceptance in your aging looks if you concentrate on every sign of aging.

  • See the positives. Many of us are our own worst enemies. We notice all flaws and shortcomings and neglect the positives. By reversing the pattern and making an effort to notice the positives, feeling good in your own skin becomes much easier.

  • Appreciate and praise yourself! Be complimentary. Look at yourself in the mirror and find things you like. Tell yourself positive things about yourself. Give value to what you see.

  • Find your inner self. Look yourself in the eyes. See the person who has always been there. Get in touch with the person within you who has never aged. See and feel the youthful vitality still there.

  • Let go of aging judgements and propaganda. Delete and discard the negative messages and influences about aging that may color how you see yourself and your body. Create your own positive outlook.

  • Celebrate the moment. You are here. Today. You are looking at yourself in the mirror today, because you have lived life and survived its hurdles. How great is that!

Age Adds Flavor

We are not old, we are seasoned!

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