Practical Uses for Coconut Oil

Over the past few years, coconut oil has taken on an almost magical reputation for all it can do. We’ve found some no-nonsense, very practical household uses for coconut oil that you may not have heard about yet.

  • Add sheen to your plants. Rub a little coconut oil on plant leafs. Then buff with a clean, dry cloth. Try it out is a small spot first, just to be safe.

  • Polish up a dull pair of shoes. Coconut oil can be used as neutral shoe polish for almost any shoe color. Rub in just a small bit of coconut oil on your shoes. Let the oil sit for a few minutes before buffing the shoes to a gleam with a clean cloth or brush. Always test out coconut on your shoes in a hidden spot first.

  • Put some luster in leather. Not only will a little coconut oil add some shine to leather, it also helps keeps leather supple. Rub a small amount of coconut oil into leather and then buff with a soft cloth. Always test in a hidden spot first.

  • Spiff up dreary looking household wood. A little coconut can nourish wood, remove minor scuffs, and add shine. Rub some coconut oil into wood furniture, banisters, molding, etc. and polish with a clean cloth or duster. Always test first in an inconspicuous spot on the wood.

  • Take the squeak out of noisy hinges. Use a little coconut oil in exactly the same way you would use any other substance intended to lubricant a hinge and silence a squeak.

  • Add some gleam to the inside of your car. A little coconut oil can help make your dashboard and other surfaces in your car look cleaner and shinier. Always buff with a clean cloth until all oil has been absorbed. You don’t won’t to end up with oil residue on your clothing.

  • Soften ragged fingernail cuticles. Apply a small amount of coconut oil on cuticles, letting it sink in to hydrate and soften them.

  • Moisturize dry, aging skin. Apply just enough coconut oil to moisturize your skin. But be conservative, because a little goes a long way. Concentrate on dry areas, like elbows and knees. Not only will your skin feel smoother, it will have a nice glow as well.

  • Address “flyaway” or frizzy hair. Since coconut oil is, of course, oily, it should be used sparingly on hair. But it is amazing what just a tiny dab of coconut oil can do for hair. Rub a small amount on to your hands and then run your hands through your hair to get rid of static and reduce frizz. Coconut oil also conditions dry hair.

  • Remove makeup quickly and easily. Place a little coconut oil in your clean hands and gently smooth it over your makeup. Then use a cotton ball or clean soft cloth to remove excess oil. Afterwards, follow your usual skin cleansing and skin care routine.

  • Clean makeup brushes. Instead of using a more expensive makeup brush cleaning product, try rubbing a little coconut oil into the bristles of a used make-up brush. Then wipe the brush with a clean cloth or paper towel until the brush is makeup-free. Coconut oil will condition brush bristles as well.

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