Recapturing Youth on Memory Lane

Aren’t there days when you can’t believe how quickly time has gone by? Don’t you sometimes say “how did I get this old this fast?” Aging can easily creep up on us in a surprisingly startling way.

It should be obvious as time goes by that we are indeed getting older, but aging is often much more about the body than it is about the mind and spirit. With the passing of time, there’s usually much more wear and tear on the outside than on the inside.

One of the positives about the aging process is that some things stay the same. Many of the best things about youth do not have to change all that much as we age. No matter how old we are, it’s still possible to be silly… and playful… and enthusiastic …and optimistic. It is possible to enjoy life at any age.

There will always be challenging aspects of older age, but finding ways to reconnect with those eternal feelings of exuberance and joy that were so obvious in our younger days can help keep us youthful throughout life. Allowing ourselves to feel youthful can be rejuvenating and can help make later years easier and more enjoyable.

Here are a few things you can do to revisit your youth and reignite those feelings that never have to age. Try to approach them without letting nostalgia and pining for the past get in the way. Let them help you recapture the youthful feelings they inspire.

A few things to try…

  • Listen to some “oldies but goodies.” Music is a great rejuvenator. Put on some favorite tunes from your teenage years. Sing and dance along, freely and unencumbered. Let the music take over your mind and body. Studies have shown that music actually releases endorphins that can stimulate a positive mood.

  • Hang out with old friends. If you’ve ever attended a high school reunion, you know how easy it is to fall right back into the relationships and mindsets you enjoyed way back when. The years seem to melt away and you see yourself and those around you exactly like you were in your teens. So… call up some old friends and have dinner together. Better yet, make plans to see each other on a regular basis.

  • Watch classic TV shows. Remember those television shows from your youth that made you laugh and/or forget everything for a while? Well, they still can. Lots of old shows are available via the Internet through streaming services and many can be borrowed from the library. Today, it’s fun to be able to watch a whole season of episodes when and how you want to watch them, instead waiting a week in between.

  • Eat some favorite foods from childhood. What were the meals you loved best as a child? They are probably still favorites today… or would be if you gave yourself a chance to sample them again. Favorite foods can bring up memories of sharing laughs and stories with family and friends. Make a few old favorites and see if they reawaken the child who loved them so much. Of course, it’s always important to stick to any current diet restrictions related to your health.

  • Pull out old photo albums. There’s nothing quite like flipping through old snapshots to help you reconnect with your youth. The people, places, and things that made up your world are documented in images you can pull out, look at, and enjoy. The happy times, stepping stones, and major life events are all captured right there to draw joy from and revel in.

Age Adds Flavor

We are not old, we are seasoned!

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