Toothpaste Deserves More Credit

You probably have a favorite brand of toothpaste. You like the way it tastes and how clean your teeth and mouth feel after you use it. Like most people, you probably think about toothpaste only when the time arrives to brush your teeth with it. But there are other times when toothpaste should come to mind, because some good old fashioned toothpaste (not the gel stuff) can accomplish a whole lot more than just keeping teeth clean and healthy!

A few other things you can do with a little toothpaste…

  • Remove scuff marks from your shoes and sneakers. Just a little toothpaste on the scuffed up area can make it disappear. For shoes, put some toothpaste on a soft cloth and rub. For sneakers, do the same but with a soft toothbrush. Clean off the toothpaste with a clean, damp cloth. Like magic, no more scuffs! Of course, if your shoes are leather, always test first in an inconspicuous spot (always a good idea whenever trying something new) and be very conservative with the amount of water you use.

  • Make a diamond sparkle brightly. Put a little toothpaste on a damp soft toothbrush. Then gently clean your diamond. Run a little water over the diamond to get rid of excess toothpaste and dirt. Always make absolutely sure your sink drain is shut! Nobody wants a diamond going down the drain!

  • Polish dingy silver. Toothpaste can help make dingy silver shine again. Toothpaste can be used safely on just about anything made of silver, from eating utensils to jewelry. Rub a little on the item, rinse, and buff dry. (If unsure, test an area first)

  • Remove hair color dye stains from skin. Whether your hair color is applied by a professional in a salon or you do it yourself at home, hair color dye can leave traces behind on skin along your hairline. Simply wash the area with a little toothpaste and you may be surprised how easily your skin returns to its usual shade. Far faster than with regular facial soap!

  • Care for your nails. Toothpaste can clean your nails, help make them shinier, and perhaps even strengthen them. Put some toothpaste on a soft toothbrush and scrub away. Rinse well and you are ready to apply your usual nail products. Don’t forget to get in underneath the tips of your nails too!

  • Relieve discomfort from insect bites. Some people find that a tiny drop of toothpaste rubbed into an insect bite helps stop its itchiness and/or sting.

  • Remove unwanted crayon art from painted walls. Put some toothpaste on a damp rag or old toothbrush and scrub gently. Rinse the area with a clean, wet rag and crayon marks should disappear.

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