Try These Bad Mood Busters

Everyone experiences a bad mood from time to time. We’ve all been in a slump we just couldn’t seem to shake off. Even the most positive, upbeat people have their down moments. After all, we’re human… and human beings are programed to feel a kaleidoscope of different emotions. We feel happy. We feel sad. We feel worried. We feel calm. We are frightened. We are brave. We are enthusiastic. We are indifferent. We are human… and human beings have good moods and bad.

Most bad moods last only so long before taking an upward turn that makes everything begin to look brighter again. If you find you feel down in the dumps for long periods of time with no respite, please speak with your doctor. Persistent negative emotions may signal something more serious than just a “bad mood.”

Next time you want to life your spirits, you may find the following tips help put a smile back on your face.

Tips for busting out of a bad mood…

  • Honor your feelings. It’s okay to feel down. Allow yourself to feel your negative emotions and think your negative thoughts without judgement. Acknowledge the feelings, accept that it’s totally normal and “okay” to feel whatever it is you’re feeling. Then try to let the negativity go. Some people find it helpful to imagine putting their worries, fears, sadness, etc. into a basket… then tie the basket to a balloon… and let the basket float out of sight.

  • Focus on things you can actually control. Ask yourself if there’s a step you can take to change your situation for the better. If so, take that step. For example, if you’re worried something you said or did might have hurt or angered a friend, talk to the person and ask for their perspective on whatever was done or said. Or, if you can’t afford to pay a medical bill, try calling the hospital’s billing department and ask to be put on a payment plan.

  • Talk with a loved one or friend. Find someone who is a good listener and a positive, empathetic person. Confide in the person about your bad mood and the reasons why you may be feeling down. Keeping your negative feelings bottled up inside can allow them to fester and grow. If you don’t have someone else to talk with, speak out loud to yourself. You may be surprised how quickly your mood lightens just by putting your thoughts and feelings into words.

  • Take your mind off your problems. Listen to your favorite music. Watch a funny television show or movie. Sing, dance, and laugh. Start a project or hobby. Really concentrate on what you are seeing, hearing, and doing. It’s hard to stay in a negative place when you are focused on something you enjoy.

  • Let the light shine. Get plenty of sunshine. Research has shown a strong link between positive moods and time spent outdoors in sunlight. If you can’t get outside, pull up your window shades and let natural light fill your environment.

  • Breathe in a tranquil scent. Studies suggest that inhaling a pleasant, calming aroma can help reduce anxiety and stress, increase positivity, and inspire a calmer demeanor. Light a fragrant candle. Put some fresh flowers around your environment. Slice up some lemons or oranges. Fill the air with the scent of vanilla or cinnamon. Some folks even find the aroma of freshly brewed coffee relaxing.

  • Move your body. Moving keeps your blood flowing. Moving doesn’t have to be strenuous. Simply move. Go for a walk. Take a dance class. Play horse shoes or bocce ball. Physical activity stimulates brain chemicals that have been scientifically associated with happiness and relaxation.

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