Want to Make Water Travel… and Transform?

Here’s how…

You are probably aware that some colors, such as orange, purple and green, are created by blending certain primary colors (blue, red, and yellow) together. You may also be familiar with a process called capillary action that’s used by plants and flowers to extract water from the ground, transport it up through their stems, and distribute it to their petals and leaves.

By making the most of these two facts and using a few familiar items from your kitchen, you can create a little magic by making water travel and colors change. The undertaking may seem complex, but it’s really quite simple and a whole lot of fun.

Here’s what you’ll need…

3 transparent glass jars or cups

2 pieces of paper towel

Food coloring


Here’s what to do…

  1. Place the three glasses side by side.

  2. Fill the first and third cups with water, but leave the center cup empty.

  3. Select the two primary colors you want to blend from your assortment of food coloring options. Choose two primary colors that will mix to make a specific secondary color. For example, use red and yellow to create orange or blue and red to make purple.

  4. Add several drops of one primary color to the first cup, and add several drops of the other primary color to the third cup. Do not add any food coloring to the second (middle) cup.

  5. Fold each paper towel square in half, then in half (long length) again, and in half (long length) once more.

  6. Place one end of one of the folded paper towels in the colored water in the first glass and the other end in the empty glass, like a bridge between the two glasses. Repeat the process by placing one end of the other folded paper towel into the colored water in the third glass and its opposite end into the empty glass.

  7. Leave everything in place for a while. Come back later to check on the progress. You’ll soon find that you’ve made water travel and transform!

Here’s what you’ll see…

  • After about one half hour, you will find that the colored water has started traveling up the paper towel bridges and over into the empty middle glass.

  • After about two hours, the once empty glass will contain water from both glasses of colored water. The color of the water in the middle glass will be a mixture of the other two colors.

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