Why is Bird Watching So Popular?

Many hobbies require lots of training and equipment to get started. Not so with bird watching. With bird watching, all you really need is some interest, a little extra time on your hands, a suitable pair of binoculars, and a good resource to help you tell the difference between the thousands of bird species you may come across.

Bird watching can be a fun, enjoyable hobby for people in their seasoned years. Of course, like many things in life, you may have to experience bird watching to truly appreciate it. Give bird watching a chance and you may find yourself becoming one of the millions of Americans entranced by the pastime.

Here are some reasons to start bird watching…

  • Bird watching is an inexpensive, uncomplicated hobby. There’s no pressure to perform or compete. You set your own pace and your own goals.

  • Bird watching is convenient. You can start bird watching in your own backyard or neighborhood park.

  • Bird watching gets you out of the house. It gives you a reason to spend time outdoors for a while in an environment where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and get some fresh air.

  • Bird watching is entertaining. Once you become familiar with different bird species and their behaviors, you will begin to notice the intricacies of their world, understand how different species interact with each other, and even be able to identify specific personality traits in individual birds.

  • Bird watching is relaxing. Looking for and observing birds can be very calming. Concentrating on their world can help take your mind of any stresses in your own life.

  • Bird watching can be a form of exercise. You may choose to watch birds while sitting in your own backyard or from a park bench. But you may also choose to do so on foot, walking along a forest trail or seaside path.

  • Bird watching can provide a sense of accomplishment.  Correctly identifying the species of a bird or spotting a bird that’s difficult to find can be exhilarating and rewarding.

  • Bird watching gives you something to think and talk about. Sharing information with others can start conversations and create bonds that might otherwise never have happened.

  • Bird watching can be social. Bird watching is a hobby you can enjoy on your own, but you may want to join a bird watching group (in person or through the Internet) where you’ll meet people with shared interests.

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