Give Jewelry Making a Go!

If you enjoy wearing jewelry or know someone who does, you might find it fun and rewarding to try your hand at making jewelry yourself. Creating beautiful pieces of jewelry is not as difficult as you may think.

The hobby is a great way to express your creativity in a way that’s actually good for you and allows you to make some unique, personalized gifts for family and friends. Studies have shown that jewelry making is a pastime that supports both emotional and physical well-being.

One of the best things about crafting homemade jewelry is how individual and distinctive you can make your creations. Each piece you make can be one-of-a-kind, unless you decide to replicate it. And, all you really need to get started on a necklace or bracelet is a length of string or chord and some beads.

Beads come in an endless array of colors, shapes, and designs. You might choose to make a necklace with a funky look by using beads made of clay or wood. Or you may decide to go the glitzy route and string together some crystals or gemstones.

Making your own jewelry is a whole lot less expensive than buying manufactured pieces from a department or jewelry store. A huge variety of beautiful and very affordable beads can be found at local crafts stores or via the Internet, which makes it possible to make lovely pieces that end up looking much more expensive than they actually cost to make.

Jewelry making is a rewarding hobby too. It feels pretty special to look at something beautiful and know you’ve created it with your own hands, whether the piece is a gift for someone you care about or something you’ll be wearing yourself.

A few reasons you may want to give jewelry making a try…

  • Making jewelry is fun. It’s a great way to fill free time in a productive way that’s also entertaining. It’s a pleasant way to spend time alone or with others who also enjoy the pastime.

  • Making jewelry is creative. It uses your imagination, especially if you create your own unique designs.

  • Making jewelry takes concentration. It’s challenging and distracting, which keeps your mind off other things that may be bothersome or weighing on you.

  • Making jewelry stimulates the brain. Assembling beads for a piece of jewelry is similar to the challenge of putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

  • Making jewelry can be social. It’s a hobby that’s fun to do in a group. It’s also a great conversation starter when you’re wearing a piece you’ve made and someone asks about it.

  • Making jewelry can help support dexterity. Making jewelry on a regular basis can help increase the strength and mobility of fingers, hands, and wrists. However, if you have a medical condition affecting your dexterity or joints, consult your physician before taking up the hobby.

A few helpful jewelry making tips…

  • Ease into it. Instead of going out and buying a whole bunch of supplies, start out with a jewelry making kit to see how you like the hobby.

  • Use stretchy string. If you use string with elasticity, you won’t have to add a clasp. A necklace with stretch will fit over the head and a bracelet will fit over the hands.

  • Make long necklaces. Necklaces long enough to slip over your head can be made using one piece of string, nylon cord, or even fishing line that can be tied off at the appropriate length.

  • Choose beads with large holes. Some beads have very small holes and can be challenging to work with if you have poor eyesight or shaky hands. There are plenty of beads available with larger holes that make stringing much easier.

  • Anchor your string or cord. When stringing beads, make sure to knot one end of your string to keep beads in place as you progress. You may want to try anchoring the knotted end by taping it to a table to make it even easier to add beads. Attaching a key ring to the knotted end is also a useful trick. Just slip the ring on your finger while stringing beads.

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