Grab a Dryer Sheet for the Unexpected

Softening laundry became a whole lot easier with the introduction of the dryer sheet back in the 1970s. What a welcome addition to the laundering arsenal! After placing wet laundry in the dryer, we could simply toss in a dryer sheet and we were on our way to softer, fresher smelling, and static resistant clothing.

Most people discard dryer sheets once they’ve been used once. But wait a minute… come to find out… there are some unexpected ways old dryer sheets can help make lots of household tasks – other than laundry – much easier. Here are just a few.

Uses for used dryer sheets…

  • Freshen and quiet shoes. For smelly shoes, just stick a dryer sheet in each shoe and let the shows sit overnight. By morning, the offending odor can be neutralized. For shoes with squeaky soles, simply rub a dryer sheet over the bottom of each shoe and most bothersome sounds should disappear.

  • Remove pet hair. If you find your outfit or your furniture is covered in fur from your beloved pet, grab a dryer sheet and rub it over the fabric. The sheet will pick up fur and probably help with any lingering pet odors as well.

  • Quell vacuum stench. If using your vacuum cleaner tends to pollute the air in your home with an unpleasant smell, place a dryer sheet in the vacuum bag. Then, take your vacuum for a spin and breathe in deeply. That vacuum smell won’t be there and you may be able to detect the appealing fragrance of the dryer sheet along your route.

  • Repel insects. As it turns out, most bugs detest the ingredients found in dryer sheets, which means dryer sheets can help keep the little pests away. But DO NOT rub a dryer sheet on your skin. Instead, carry one or two with you. Let a dryer sheet peek out of your shirt pocket and/or drape one over your belt.

  • Sweeten confined spaces. Keep dresser drawers, suitcases, and gym bags smelling fresh by keeping a dryer sheet inside. For the bathroom, hide a dryer sheet inside toilet paper rolls to provide a whiff of fragrance every time the roll spins.

  • Clean up spilled dry goods and powdery substances. Dryer sheets are great at picking up anything made of very small particles. Items like flour, salt, baking powder, pencil shavings, and even sawdust will stick to a dryer sheet and make clean up easy and fast.

  • Use as dust rags. Dryer sheets are not only effective in picking up dust; the ingredients in dryer sheets also help repel dust and help keep it from piling up. Use dryer sheets to dust items like window blinds, glass surfaces, computers, and so on.

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