Grab That Painter’s Tape

It’s a good idea to keep a roll or two of painter’s tape around the house somewhere. It can come in handy more often than you may imagine. But, remember, painter’s tape is NOT the same thing as masking tape. Masking tape and painter’s tape look and feel similar, but there’s a difference.

The 3M Company invented painter’s tape back in the 1980s. Before that, regular masking tape was used to protect wall borders and other areas when painting. Masking tape wasn’t easy to use though. It was hard to remove and often left a residue behind.

Painter’s tape was designed specifically to be used with paint and formulated to keep the liquid from seeping through. It leaves clean lines every time and may be left over several days and still come off cleanly. It makes painting without error much easier.

Painter’s tape can do a lot more than help you paint within the lines. There are lots of helpful ways it can help simplify your life.

Here are just a few uses for painter’s tape you may want to try…

  • Label food storage containers. Before you put away leftovers, slap a piece of painter’s tape on your food storage containers and write the name of the foods and dates on the tape.

  • Replace chip clips. Painter’s tape is easy to lift up off any surface. If you use it to close bags of potato chips and other food items, it will be quick and easy to reopen and reclose the bags.

  • Use as a substitute lint brush. The sticky side of painter’s tape is great for picking up pesky pet air and lint from clothes and furniture.

  • Keep tablecloths in place. A tablecloth looks great on the backyard picnic table, but it may not stay put in a strong breeze. Just a couple pieces of painter’s tape can anchor it down.

  • Make price tags for yard sales. Pricing items can be time-consuming. Carry along a roll of painter’s tape while you inspect your possessions and it will streamline the process. Rip off a piece, place it on the item, and write down the price. It will also be easy to remove the price tag for the person who purchases the item.

  • Make caulking easier. Just like with paint, painter’s tape allows you to make a straight, clean line when you’re caulking or gluing. It allows you to wipe off any excess caulking quickly and easily too.

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