Taking a Flattering Selfie

Even if you’ve never taken a “selfie,” you’ve undoubtedly heard of them and probably seen your fair share. A “selfie” is a photograph you take of yourself (with or without others) using your cell phone’s camera while holding it at arm’s length.

Taking a selfie sounds relatively easy… but is it? Yes, pointing the camera at yourself and shooting is simple enough. But, taking a selfie that’s flattering is a whole different ball game. Figuring out how to take a flattering selfie can take time and practice. Most people end up with quite a few rejected shots before getting that one selfie they like enough to share with other people.

Here are a few pointers that can help make taking a good selfie a little less challenging.

A few helpful tips…

Holding your phone slightly above eye-level so you’re looking up at it rather than straight at it usually results in a flattering shot. It will reduce shadows on your face and helps camouflage a double chin, bags under eyes, and wrinkles.

Lightening can make or break a selfie. Find an even source of light. Make sure the source of light is facing you. You don’t want the light coming from behind you. For example, stand or sit looking at a window instead of with your back toward the window. If you’re outside, stand in either full sun or full shade. Don’t mix the two.

A tilt of the head can be very flattering. Try tilting your head at different angles until you find the position you like best. Take shots from both your left and right sides to check out both perspectives. And, if you worry about having a double chin, extend your neck a bit forward to accentuate your jawline.

Whether or not to smile in a selfie is an interesting question and one that people answer differently. Some folks like to look happy rather than showing it with their lips. That means smiling with your eyes rather than with your mouth. Other people believe it’s best to smile naturally. That means a genuine smile and not a forced smile.

Most people want to be the star of their selfies. So that means the focus should be on you and not on whatever is behind you. Choose backgrounds that are not distracting. Make sure to think about what else is in the shot, because you don’t want that sink of dirty dishes or trash can to ruin an otherwise great selfie.

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