The No Boundaries Bucket List

Let go of the dated concept that a “bucket list” is only about things you want to do before you die. A bucket list can be an inventory of things you would like to try or achieve… today, tomorrow, this year, or whenever. Some people like to attach a time limit to their list, but it isn’t necessary. Many of us prefer to leave our lists open ended, without any time restraints. It’s your list. You make the rules.

When writing your bucket list, you can be as imaginative as you would like to be. Of course, it makes sense to be practical about what you include. After all, it’s more fun and rewarding to have a list of things that are actually possible to accomplish. In other words, actions or goals tailored to your personal abilities and financial resources are best.

When you really stop to think about it, there must be a myriad of things you haven’t tried yet, but would like to take a stab at someday. It can be fun to challenge yourself. See if you can come up with a few things that may take you out of your comfort zone, yet are also realistic.

For those of us in our seasoned years, it is especially important to keep our health and safety in mind when putting together a bucket list. Never, ever include something that may put your health and wellbeing at risk.

Remember, your bucket list is like any typical “to-do” list. You are not obligated to cross off everything on the list. It’s always okay to change your mind about something on your list or even to let an item slide.

Here are some thoughts you may want to consider for your bucket list…

  • Watch the sun rise and set on the same day.

  • Sing karaoke in public.

  • Perform 100 random acts of kindness.

  • Get a makeover.

  • Start a blog.

  • Tell jokes at a comedy club open mike night.

  • Take a cooking class.

  • Start a gratitude journal.

  • See a foreign film at the theater.

  • Learn to swim.

  • Say “yes” and “no” when you really want to.

  • Build and fly a kite.

  • Pay the toll for the car in line behind you at the toll booth.

  • Solve a Rubik’s cube.

  • Go on a hayride.

  • Locate someone else with your name.

  • Hire a cleaning service for at least one day.

  • Attend a professional sports game.

  • Complete the New York Times crossword puzzle.

  • Make a time capsule and hide it somewhere.

  • Paint on canvas like a real artist.

  • Ride in a horse drawn carriage.

  • Say “hello” to people you don’t know.

  • Go to the symphony.

  • Try line dancing.​

  • Write letters to the most influential people in your life, whether they are still with us or not.

  • Visit all the tourist attractions within driving distance of your home.
  • Show your appreciation to a United States veteran.

  • Successfully assemble a model.

  • Eat at a restaurant or go to the movies by yourself.

  • Attend an auction or flea market.

  • Serve a meal at a homeless shelter.

  • Go to a live performance by your favorite singer or band.

  • Write to a celebrity.
  • Send a message in a bottle.

  • Sleep under the stars.

  • Try a new recipe every week.

  • Quit a habit.

  • Plant a garden.

  • Start a collection.

  • Honestly compliment at least one person a day.

  • Join a book club.

  • Go on vacation alone.

  • Toss a coin into a fountain and make a wish.

  • Volunteer at an animal shelter.

  • Make a scrapbook about your family.

  • Beat a video game.

  • Catch a fish.

  • Tackle a home repair project on your own.

  • Dance in the rain.

  • Write a book.​

  • Say “I love you” every day to the people who matter most to you.

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